Sitemap - 2024 - everyone is entitled to my own opinion

chill the fuck out, Joe Biden’s got this

top NY Times editor: ‘covering the next Trump presidency is going to be awesome’

maybe now we can get back to fighting fascists

top New York Times editor: ‘defending democracy is not our job’

the corporate media wants you panicked and demoralized. don’t buy into it

Republicans are running away from Project 2025. let’s make the bastards own it

this week in stupid: July 6 edition

this is getting fucking ridiculous

America the beautiful, America the deeply fucked up

we all need a Good News Wednesday

rotting meat-sack Steve Bannon went to prison and MAGA lost their shit

breaking: SCOTUS rules Donald Trump has ‘absolute immunity’ for ‘official acts’

the media needs to cut this shit out right now

this week in stupid: June 29 edition

a debate without fact-checking is worse than no debate at all

I have some debate questions for Donald Trump

lonely dipshit Donald Trump slept with classified documents

wingnuts are in full panic mode over Thursday’s debate

a weekend’s worth of fucknuttery from the rotting brain of Donald J. Trump

Louisiana is the latest Ground Zero for christofacist fuckery

this week in stupid: June 22 edition

caught on tape: Donald Trump admits he lost the 2020 election

racists celebrate Juneteenth by completely losing their shit

author who interviewed Trump confirms Donny is even more brain-damaged than we knew

fuck the New York Post and the Republican Party — and Fox News, too

demented dipshit Donald Trump babbles about “perfectly handsome” pilots

top CEOs agree: Donald Trump has completely lost his marbles

this week in stupid: June 15 edition

Republicans celebrate Bring Your Felon to Work Day

Donald Trump is increasingly demented — but he’s always been a fucking idiot

Republicans fucking hate gun laws, unless it’s Hunter Biden who gets convicted

why the fuck is convicted felon Donald Trump being given kid-glove treatment

Donald Trump is a gibbering lunatic and JD Vance is a ginormous shitball

Joe Biden went to France and every Republican lost their shit

this week in stupid: June 8 edition

rotting meat-sack Steve Bannon ordered to do his rotting in prison

Aileen Cannon is up to her evil fuckery again

it’s Merrick Garland’s turn to endure GOP clownfuckery

Spork Toes and the House GOP beclown themselves for the millionth time

holy shit, Donald Trump’s guilty verdicts have broken every Republican brain

Sam Alito refuses to recuse — because fuck you, that’s why

this week in stupid: June 1 edition

Donald Trump fucked around, and Donald Trump found out

breaking: jury finds Donald Trump guilty as fuck

Fox News lied about jury instructions and incited a total wingnut meltdown

Trump lawyer Todd Blanche fucks up bigtime during closing statements

what kind of kompromat is Donald Trump holding over the GOP?

Republicans hate our troops — and no one hates them more than Donald Trump

Libertarians boo Donald Trump and tell him to go fuck himself

this week in stupid: May 25 edition

no, you delusional dipshits, Joe Biden didn’t order the FBI to “take out” Donald Trump

how many fucking flags does Sam Alito salute

bug-eyed fascist Agolf Shitler can’t stop spreading Nazi propaganda

Donald Trump’s lawyers shit the bed — and then set it on fire

the ‘mainstream media’ can go fuck itself

cowardly dipshit Donald Trump already trying to back out of debating Joe Biden

this week in stupid: May 18 edition

what the fuck does Sam Alito think he’s doing

“I hear you’re free on Wednesdays” — Dark Brandon masterfully trolls toddler Trump

Maggie Haberman and The New York Times fucking suck

the Dipshit Brigade comes to town to carry water for Donald Trump

the squirrels inside Donald Trump’s head have eaten all the brain worms

forced-birth fascists want a federal database to track all pregnant women

this week in stupid: May 11 edition

Trump’s lawyer tried to slut-shame Stormy Daniels. it was a disaster — for Trump

Aileen Cannon is making my fucking head explode

Donald Trump is a sleazy predator who coerced Stormy Daniels into bed

lock him the fuck up already

oh gee, look who’s corrupt as fuck

how the fuck is Rudy Giuliani not rotting in some hellhole prison

this week in stupid: May 4 edition

Donald Von ShitzInPantz hates his lawyer. his lawyer hates him back

snoring courtroom fart factory says wut?

sundowning Grandpa Farticus claims ‘no one has ever had to sit for so long’

Kristi Noem just took her political future and shot it in the face

MAGA now hates Jim Jordan, and it’s fucking hilarious

the New York Times can piss up a rope

this week in stupid: April 27 edition

this Supreme Court is making my fucking head explode — again

Comer Fudd is dumb as fuck and he’s never gonna defeat Bugs Biden

frail old fuckface can’t stop whining

narcoleptic old dipshit wakes up to stare at pecker

everybody hates Marjorie Spork Toes Greene

flatulent dipshit cancels hate-rally due to rain

this week in stupid: April 20 edition

what the fuck does Fox News think it’s doing

shitty mob boss Donald Trump violates his gag order — and robs the GOP blind

Donald Trump is teaching a master class in how to piss off a judge

dozy dipshit Don Snorelone falls asleep at his own trial

it’s Stormy Monday — enjoy your first criminal trial, Donny

demented dipshit Donald Trump warns against ‘illegal adlingthins’

this week in stupid: April 13 edition

why the fuck is an 88-count indicted criminal being allowed to sabotage US foreign policy

why the fuck is the New York Times both-sidesing abortion?

Arizona’s forced-birth fascists revive abortion ban from 1864

never forget: Donald Trump called for women having abortions to be “punished”

states of emergency and other dipshit wingnut reactions to today’s eclipse

racist monster Greg Abbott fucks up a perfectly good eclipse

this week in stupid: April 6 edition

holy shit, it looks like Flim-Flam Trump’s appeal bond might be invalid

Peter Navarro is having a shitty time in prison. boo fucking hoo

what the fuck are you doing, Aileen?

ha fucking ha — Truth Social is a disaster and Donald Trump just lost a billion dollars

Comer Fudd is a rake-stepping glutton for punishment

what in the actual fuck is this bullshit

this week in stupid: March 30 edition

oh please, Donald Trump doesn’t give a shit about cops

what kind of dipshit buys a bible from a racist adulterer

no, racists, the Key bridge didn’t collapse because of “diversity.” shut the fuck up

Donald Trump infuriates another judge, because he’s a fucking idiot

Ronna McDaniel just wants to let bygones be bygones. fuck that

what the fuck does NBC think they’re doing?

this week in stupid: March 23 edition

holy shit, Letitia James already has her eyes on which Trump properties to seize first

Comer Fudd’s latest hearing was such a shit-show that even Newsmax cut away from it

boo fucking hoo — Trump campaign can’t raise a dime as Haley donors defect to Biden

ha ha ha ha Donald Trump is broke and can’t pay his half billion dollar judgement

Comer Fudd and Half-Dressed Jimmy are vowing to ‘lock Biden up’ — have fun with that, morons

Agolf Shitler promises a “bloodbath” if he doesn't win in November

this week in stupid: March 16 edition

everything fucking sucks but at least arrogant dipshit Peter Navarro is going to prison

Handy Oakley’s days in Congress are numbered as the House GOP freaks the fuck out

Robert Hur is a fucking liar and Jim Jordan’s latest hearing blew up in his big dumb face

Donald Trump loves Hitler and hates Social Security, because of course he does

will the media finally shut the fuck up about Joe Biden’s age? don’t hold your breath

here’s the insidious reason the GOP put Katie Britt’s vapid face on TV

this week in stupid: March 9 edition

Joe Biden gave a hell of a speech and Republicans whined like dirty diaper babies

if I wrote Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech

not-so-super Tuesday: Donald Trump remains weak, vulnerable and dumb as fuck

meet the imaginary black friends of racist idiot Donald Trump

two more shit polls from The New York Times — what the fuck are they doing?

dumb-ass Trumpers are getting scammed by grifters selling obviously fake money

this week in stupid: March 2 edition

more IVF fuckery from the forced-birth fascists

ha ha ha ha Donald Trump can’t pay for his appeal and the judge told him tough shit

terrified Republicans are trying to sabotage Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech

Trump E. Coyote is off the cliff and in deep denial about how truly fucked he is

Donald Trump’s imaginary “crushing” victory, and other media atrocities

Republicans kicked a hornet’s nest — and now they’re in a panic over IVF ruling

this week in stupid: February 24 edition

forced-birth fuckfaces say frozen embryos are children, and other christofascist horror stories

Jim Jordan and James Comer can’t stop fucking that chicken

Comer Fudd and Jim Jordan are fucking idiots who got duped by Russian spies

latest dipshit MAGA trucker protest implodes before it even gets started

no, imbeciles, Donald Trump isn’t the American Navalny — he’s the American Putin

this week in stupid: February 18 edition

fork over $364 million, you fraudulent fuck

holy shit, Comer Fudd’s star witness just got arrested for lying to the FBI

demented dipshit Donald Trump claims he’s only pretending to be a demented dipshit

James Comer demands to know how the fuck Joe Biden got so old

Democrats, wake the fuck up and learn how to fight

Republicans are a bunch of gutless fucking cowards

media, what the fuck are you doing?

this week in stupid: February 10 edition

fuck straight off with this “Joe Biden is old” bullshit

these leopards are too fucking incompetent to eat anyone’s face

fuck you, you’re not a king: Donald Trump has another very shitty day in court

a day in the life of Donald Trump’s increasingly demented brain

dipshit MAGA truckers are now a huge violent problem in Eagle Pass

dipshit vigilante truckers reach the border, shocked to find there’s no immigrant invasion

this week in stupid: February 3 edition

Donald Trump’s a sick fuck, this I know — because Joe Biden tells me so

oh noooooo! Donald Trump just threw shitastic lawyer Alina Habba under the parking garage

holy shit, Taylor Swift has broken Donald Trump’s worm-infested brain

Republicans don’t give a fuck about our troops

Donald Trump was found liable for rape. Republicans don’t care because Republicans fucking suck

Donald Trump is fucking fucked

this week in stupid: January 27 edition

Donny’s having a big mad because Nikki won’t let him be the Big Boy Candidate all by himself

holy shit, Lindsey Graham threw Donald Trump straight under the bus in Georgia

Donald Trump is weak and stupid and also has six fingers on his freakishly tiny hands

four SCOTUS Justices are totally cool with mangled children in razor wire booby traps. what the fuck

good fucking riddance to Ron Fucking DeSantis

fascist fuckfaces shocked to discover their fascist fuckfacery isn’t popular

this week in stupid: January 20 edition

a pastor was arrested for saving homeless people from freezing. what the fuck have we become

E. Jean Carroll trial, day two: Alina Habba fucks up and Donald Trump melts down

E. Jean Carroll trial, day one: Donald Trump continues to be a fucking idiot

a bunch of dipshits held a caucus

check out the latest racist bullshit: planes crash because diversity

Texas Guardsmen watched as a woman and two children drowned. what in the actual fuck

this week in stupid: January 13 edition

Donald Trump keeps having bad days in court. maybe that’s because he’s a fucking idiot

Hunter Biden is just fucking with House Republicans now, and it’s a glorious sight to behold

presidents are not kings: an explainer for anyone as dumb as Donald Trump

what kind of shithole country lets a corrupt criminal run for president

no, Elise Stefanik, jailed insurrectionists are not ‘hostages.’ what the fuck is wrong with you

the American president and some gibbering lunatic both gave speeches on Friday

this week in stupid: January 6 edition

there was another school shooting. we barely noticed. what the fuck is wrong with us?

23 state capitols got bomb threats yesterday. what the fuck is going on?

need emergency treatment if you’re pregnant? Fifth Circuit orders doctors to let you just fucking die

hey dipshits: the Civil War was fought over slavery. stop the gaslighting

free clue: you can’t fight fascism by rolling the fuck over and playing dead