I think there are three points you ignored:

1) Trump can maximize his grift by "running" for POTUS and also stay "politically relevant" instead of just grieving about being politically persecuted from the sidelines. A corollary of this benefit is he will be better able to marshal his followers to threaten violence against all legal proceedings against him.

2) His move already caused AG Garland to appoint a special counsel which is probably for the best because it neutralizes Trump's victim claims. Ironically, his early run makes a conviction for his multiple felonies even more likely.

3) The Koch wing of the R Plutocracy already has four candidates led by the Governor DeSantis + Pompeo, Younkin, and Pence. Trump has demonstrated he's a threat to our Nation, our democracy, our economy, and our future. Robert Mercer's backed insurrectionists: Trump, Cruz, and Hawley are probably to hot and despicable to be appealing. Therefore, Koch has an opportunity to back a friendly autocratic candidate who has already served Koch and followed his researched game plan for 2024. DeSantis has successfully ruled his peninsula by breaking laws and banning books, without resorting to solar panels, while pretending to address climate change without any type of serious climate change mitigation. Assuming only minor sea level rise from melting Northern glaciers before 2024 and another Ian doesn't come ashore in the interim, DeSantis will be Koch's pick and Trump will likely be indicted, convicted, and legally detained for the rest of his life.

This will be a setback for the radical, reactionary Mercer Family sponsorships, not that anything will change with a Koch controlled Presidential nominee. Both of these Plutocrats pursue an escape from what use to be a progressive income tax system that the American Empire was built upon and which also supported a rising middle class. Now they only seek government welfare, miniscule corporate taxes, lax enforcement of regulations, and autocratic control of our diminished democracy.












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In the immortal words of Rick Wilson, Everything Tr*mp Touches Dies. I'm pulling for the formation of the MAGA party so we can add that to his unending list of failures. If he's running it's FROM the law, not because he gives a shit about the office or the responsibilities. And I do hope that when the wackos start sending out subpoenas, the recipients do the same as the R/Qs. Ignore them. They ran on lies (MikePillow hasn't got anything correct) turned blind eyes to all his faults while pointing fingers at everyone else & he got shit done, other than rising crime, prices, racism & the breakdown of friends & families over his endless barrage of bullshit. For the "Inflation! Crime!" platform, can anyone tell me how inspecting HB's laptop is going to lower gas prices or reduce crime?

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My wish is that the new Special Counsel appointed today by Merritt Garland will offer another choice. Get this wrapped up in less than two years and send him off to prison. Don't forget, Trump won't have a Bill Barr to save him this time.

By the way I had to leave Twitter to avoid a nervous breakdown. I really feel so much better now! So glad to be able to follow you here.

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Nov 18, 2022·edited Nov 18, 2022

I’m w/ you on the please, please, please don’t get the nom and start a new political party scenario. The chaos would be beyond epic. And it would doom the Criminal GOP.

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Wait for the Republican debates. If trump tromps other candidates into crushed grapes in insult comic fashion like he did last time the tide could become tsunami where he becomes must see tv and capitalism hangs itself one more time

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…or we get another surprise democratic victory no matter what the orange monster and his lemmings do.

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Another scenario Jeff…. How about no GOP convention? After all, last time there was no platform from the Party, just the wisdom of Donald… so I will submit, why do they want a convention, just anoint Donald… of course having no convention will deprive those folks of lovely drinking parties, no sharing of white powders from the Trump family and of course no hookers… Seems like a plan to me, what do you think?

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Seems like the right take to me.

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Super PAC money. If he sells like crazy, he could get hundred of millions.

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