And yet, much of America does not know this because their only “news” sources are Fox, Newsmax and OAN. Worse, trump could still win 2024 or worse, DeSantis could win.

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On the Rachel Maddow show last night they talked about how many business and other places have their TV's tuned to Faux.

This includes but is not limited to repair shops, car dealerships, hospitals, assisted living homes, restaurants, bars, and almost without exception all military stations including ships and submarines.

Still people wonder how the youth of our country are being indoctrinated by the MAGATs. I think even Dr. Watson could have figured this out without the help of Mr. Holmes.

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If you're in a waiting room with a TV, pull the plug. Unless it's on Discovery or something; if it's on Fox then don't ask, just unplug it. If people protest tell them they can watch on their phones as long as they use earphones.

If you have a relative in an assisted living home, demand that they don't befuddle the residents with lies.

Strike back at this shit.

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Treason stinks. Betrayal stinks. The fetid stench is deep in their thickened pores. And will remain for at least a generation. I see no redemption on any conceivable horizon.

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Accurate. Concise. Profane. Great piece as usual, Jeff

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Great... they're all in bed together.. the best argument for abortion ever.

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With the way the Jan. 6 tapes are being passed around, there will be plenty of MAGAts and average nuts who will know the vulnerable entryways into the Capitol. JFC, what a shitshow.

Good luck with the snow removal! Ugh.

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Anyone think there is a snowball's chance in hell that the FCC will get involved in this Faux News debacle?

The latest from Murdoch's sworn testimony would seen to apply here:


particularly in this section: What is the FCC's responsibility?

Also I have to wonder what gems The Former Phucking Idiot has been posting on his third rate social network after this testimony was released. However, I am not curious enough to go there or anywhere to read it.

As long as it gets under his skin I am happy & I am confident it has.

Thank You for your time.

Ila in So. Maine where the snow is falling

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Not sure about this, but I think FOX can get away with the lies because they've argued they are an entertainment program, not a news program.

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Holifuckamoli. I consider myself relatively well informed and there are a few of these I’d never heard about or considered.

Thanks for clearing all that up.

I think.

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I hope billionaire-boi goes to prison and ends up castrated there.

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100%....and by my calculation only a few are barely going to get a mild fucking reprimand!! (If even that!!)

Thanks, Jeff, for your always fucking good posting!!

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